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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

Enter into the crypto business with Our Crypto Payment Gateway Development Services

Crypto payment gateways are comparable to other digital payment gateways in that they let buyers and sellers complete transactions more quickly. Crypto payment gateway integration is required for new crypto exchange platforms. You can assist them by conducting business with them using your ready-to-use software. With more businesses wishing to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, the crypto payment gateway is becoming increasingly popular.

O G S S Technologies is a pioneer in developing the best cryptocurrency payment gateways for your crypto business. We have a team of professionals who can assist you with a variety of cryptocurrency payment processing options that will help you grow your business to new heights. Contact us right away to receive an exceptional cryptocurrency payment gateway processor.

Our Crypto Payment Gateway Development Services

Multi-crypto wallet

The user can integrate multiple wallets to the single crypto payment gateway to make all kinds of crypto payments easier and effective

Multi-lingual support

Our crypto payment software supports business to help the businesses to adopt crypto payment gateway globally reducing hiccup in communication

API plugins

Our crypto payment api is highly focussed towards facilitating the automation process of payments thereby making the transactions more fast, secure and reliable

Secure crypto payment gateway

We offer the best crypto payment gateway solutions with high level of security features embedded in it

Multiple payment options

Your crypto payment gateway will be equipped with multiple payment options to make the transactions smooth and reliable

User managed funds

The user can manage their funds, their private keys and security of the payment gateway

Blockchain payments

We help businesses to make the crypto payments via any cryptocurrency blockchain like bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, etc. by integrating the wallet to the crypto payment gateway

Mobile apps

Apart from the software, we offer crypto payment gateway app development services to facilitate your business to offer your users operate crypto payments through mobile apps

How does our Crypto Payment Gateway Work for your users?


The user has to get the wallet address of the recipient to pay for the services. Each cryptocurrency has a separate wallet address


The merchant who is about to receive the crypto payments should have integrated crypto payment gateway software to the multi-crypto wallet


If the consumer wants to pay btc as payment, the merchant should provide the btc wallet address to the consumer so that the transaction can happen within seconds


After the transaction is over, the user and the merchant will receive the information regarding the transaction either through sms or through mail, etc


The merchant can convert the crypto received into fiat or store them in their multi-crypto wallet


All the transactions are highly secure and protected by the blockchain technology

Benefits of Our Cryptocurrency

Multi device access

Your users can control & manage crypto payment gateway through any device, may be it phone or ipad or pc

High security

Crypto payments are verified and confirmed by the protocol and hence there is no way for the payment reversal

Multi device access

Our cryptocurrency payment gateway software & app are highly secure and protected with customizable security feature options

Fast transactions

Crypto payment gateway software helps your users to conduct transactions swiftly without interruption

No third party interference

There is no need for middlemen like exchange admin to conduct your transaction if your users use crypto payment gateway

Globally accessible

You can provide your crypto payment gateway service to any business owner in the world as it is globally accessible

Lower transaction costs

Compared to other forms of crypto payments, crypto payment gateway charges a very low amount of transaction fee for their services

Fastest uptime

You can have your cryptocurrency payment gateway software up and running within the shortest time possible