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DeFi Wallet

Defi Wallet

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Wallet Development Company

Access to a Fast and Secure Crypto Banking Environment
Get a non-custodial DeFi crypto wallet for your customers and give them complete control over their cryptos and private keys. Over 20 worldwide finance companies have expanded their DeFi portfolios to include more currencies and investing protocols thanks to O G S S Technologies.

What is a Decentralized Crypto Wallet and how does it work?

The wallet architecture is distributed across millions of nodes and is built on top of a blockchain. The DeFi crypto wallet is always on, secure from attacks, and unaffected by cross-border legislation because there is no single point of control or failure.

Furthermore, they are integrated with web3 wallets, allowing users to connect to other platforms without having to leave the wallet software.

Signature Features in a DeFi Crypto Wallet


Withdrawal/deposit of fiat currency transferred directly to visa/master enabled prepaid cards

Vendor Payments

Instantly pay for consumer services in cryptocurrencies as fiat equivalent. Use the QR-Code scanner or chat payment window.


The in-built function greatly improves the token swapping experience without having to use a separate wallet integration service.


With DeFi staking wallet development, businesses can empower their users to stake assets and participate in trading activities across DeFi platforms.

In-chat Transactions

The chatting module enables easy and quick chat between the contacts. In addition, it allows users to initiate a payment request or send/receive cryptocurrencies within the chat box itself.

Yield Farming

On-demand yield farming development expertise to enable users to farm their tokens in investments and earn maximum yield thereby addressing the liquidity needs.

Examples Of DeFi Wallets

Web Wallets

Web Wallets

The keys in the web wallets are stored secretly in the browser network. A secret seed phase is given to recover the account. Example: Metamask, MyEtherWallet, and Guarda.

Hardware Wallets

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are the most secure wallets. It is like a pen drive that can not be hacked.

Mobile Light Wallets

Mobile Light Wallets

These are the kinds of wallets that can be installed on the mobile phone. It is always suggested to download such wallets from the official website.

Desktop Wallet

Desktop Wallet

These are the kind of wallets that are installed on a desktop. It is used with the usage of the internet with the utmost care

Characteristics Of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Wallets

DeFi wallets are completely non-custodial
A global access is offered to a DeFi wallet user
No Third-Party Intervention
A complete control over the funds and data is offered to the users
Entire Control