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JustSwap Clone

JustSwap Clone

JustSwap Clone Software development company

The JustSwap clone script is an entirely decentralized on-chain protocol script that is used to swap ERC20 tokens via an automated market-making (AMM) method that leverages liquidity pools instead of an order book. JustSwap clone will try to solve the liquidity problems that decentralized exchanges have, allowing users to swap tokens while relying on other users.

In O G S S, JustSwap clone script is created for the public good to eliminate transaction costs in the middle. Users can make trades platform fees or intermediaries using this JustSwap Clone Script for community trade tokens.

O G S S is now revolutionizing DeFi based projects like DApps, Lending and borrowing, smart contracts, token creation, staking, yield farming, and famous DeFi based protocols such as JustSwap, JustSwap, and JustSwap.

What is JustSwap?

JustSwap was described as an evolution of Uniswap” or fork of Uniswap that introduced “ community-oriented features” with its native currency as a reward, particularly for liquidity providers (LP). This groundbreaking approach all anyone to create a liquidity pool for their token through supplying ETH and ERC20 tokens of their choice, with automatic price discovery. JustSwap will split the fees it collects between liquidity providers and $SUSHI token holders.

JustSwap is concrete evidence or a solution that will help society get to a point where banks are no longer needed in the same way they are today.

JustSwap Clone Software

This is ready to go JustSwap decentralized exchange technology that lets traders access the decentralized network in return for revenue and liquidity. Our JustSwap Exchange Clone Software is a decentralized Finance (DeFi) Exchange Clone that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

JustSwap Clone App Development

O G S S technologies is completely configurable and includes a dynamic web application that runs flawlessly on smartphones and mobile phones. Our JustSwap Exchange Clone app development services give you the freedom to customize the app to meet your own business needs.

O G S S technologies is a pioneer in the DeFi Development fields, delivering a delicate collection of software solutions to the requirements per globally recognized swaps and DeFi exchanges.

Features of JustSwap Clone

Building a decentralized exchange platform comparable to JustSwap has several unique characteristics.

Rebalancing of pool ratios
Completely decentralized
Provides token rewards
Bootstrap liquidity
Provides 100% customization
Profit based business strategies
Community revenue share model
Automated Market-making process
Customized smart contract-based DEX platform

Benefits of JustSwap Clone Script

Rewards provided for liquidity offers

Rewards provided for liquidity offers

sushi tokens are awarded to cryptocurrency investors who supply liquidity to the liquidity pools. The Sushi token is used to provide liquidity.

No KYC policy

No KYC policy

it facilitates permission less exchanging, allowing any crypto trader to participate in liquidity pools.

JustSwap Business concept

JustSwap Business concept

Exchange rate of 0.25 percent profits are paid straight to the liquidity provider, and the remaining 0.05 percent is converted back to SUSHI.

Community revenue share model

Community revenue share model

The revenue sharing AMM model is used through all participants in the JustSwap network.

JustSwap is the ideal option if you want to exchange cryptocurrencies completely on an Ethereum based platform.
Steps to create your own DeFi based protocol like JustSwap

  • Click on the interface
  • Link your wallet. You can utilize trust wallet, metamask, or any other supported Ethereum wallet.
  • Choose the token you want to exchange from’
  • Choose the token you want to exchange.
  • Press Swap button
  • View the transaction in the pop-up window
  • Confirm the transaction request in your wallet

Why Begin a DeFi Exchange like JustSwap?

Here are the high points why we need to start a DeFi Exchange like JustSwap

Sortable tables
Weekly menu bars
Limited relayer bots
Integrated stagings
Customizable dashboard
Migrated Liquidity portal
Prioritized bug fixes
Leveraged reward system
Improved portfolios

How does JustSwap Clone Script Work?

JustSwap Clone Script is a fully prepared decentralized exchange Ethereum blockchain-powered that assists in the launch of DEX platforms such as JustSwap.

You may receive features like cryptocurrency Wallet enrollment, Token selection, Tolerance setting, Swapping or pooling for changing UI as per the user’s needs, Extra information button-Analytics, Discord, stake, code, farm, and more with JustSwap exchange clone.