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PantherSwap Clone Script

PantherSwap Clone Script Development Company

PantherSwap Clone Script – To Build DeFi based Decentralized Exchange like PantherSwap on Binance Smart Chain

It is a DeFi-controlled decentralized trade script based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for programmed liquidity yield farming and Automated Liquidity Maker (AMM) with a slew of noteworthy and innovative highlights, for example, Unique Rewards Lockup and Anti Whale Mechanism that enable users to acquire and win.

O G S S, a leading pantherswap clone development company, provides bug-free source code, simple configuration, and ready-to-deploy pantherswap clone script that assists each individual in deploying their own DeFi Exchange stage like Pantherswap on Binance Smart Chain.

PantherSwap Clone Script

This programming is a one-to-one replication of defi trades such as pantherswap that is entirely based on the highest point of the Binance Smart Chain. PantherSwap Clone has a few excellent, advanced, and security features that enable your DeFi Exchange to work with automated yield farming and market producers devices and gain indefinite benefit for you and your dealers.

PancakeSwap Clone Script Features

Burning Automation

As mentioned above in Automated liquidity, each move of PANTHER should incur a 5% exchange charge. The 4% exchange expense will be applied to planned liquidity procurement. The entire interaction has been pre-programmed.

Referral Program

The Script is worked with an on-chain reference program that has been carried out to boost clients to welcome companions to join the program. Inviters can acquire 1% of his/her companions’ income until the end of time.

Harvest Lockup

Pantherswap Clone Script is worked with harvest lockup in an interesting prizes lockup instrument present in pantherswap which is used to restrict the recurrence of reap. It is intended to forestall cultivating exchange bots from continually collecting and unloading.

Liquidity on Demand

PantherSwap clone script is designed so that every exchange of PANTHER should incur a 5% exchange fee. The 4% exchange charge is automatically added to the liquidity pool via the smart contract, raising the value floor on a consistent basis. Furthermore, liquidity will be restricted and distant.

Trading Incentive

It is intended to add an exchanging impetus component to our own AMM dex. Clients can procure tokens by exchanging on PantherSwap. However, unique in relation to customary exchanging mining, the compensations on PantherSwap for exchanging can be various tokens. Different activities can give their own tokens as remunerations for determined exchanging sets.

Deposit Fee Redistribution

It has planned with 4% store expense will be charged when clients enter marking comparable on PantherSwap, yet dissimilar to other yield farms, it doesn’t work by utilization of store expense to repurchase and consume. It’s a misuse of cash. All things considered, it will reallocate the 3% store expense to PANTHER holders to support holding.

Whale haters

Pantherswap clone script works similarly to Pantherswap, with over 0.5 percent of the absolute stock being rejected. This proportion will decrease as the entire stock develops.

No Migrator Code

Pantherswap Clone Script created with the migrator code in the MasterChef contract has been taken out.

Components of PantherSwap Clone Script

This is built with AMM (Automated Market Maker) in DeFi controlled Decentralized Exchange
PantherSwap Clone is AMM trade v1 which is a finished fork of PancakeSwap clone, the production line and switch smart contracts are equivalent to PancakeSwap. It implies that the agreements where store liquidity (your cash) are just about as protected as PancakeSwap.

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

IPO (Initial Panther Offering)

Initial Panther Offering is planned in PantherSwap clone script which is the impending highlights in Decentralized Exchange
Patherswap Clone Script is run like panther swap which has Lottery Ticket Fee for 1 ticket: 20 PANTHER
Single User Lottery Entry Limit No general cutoff, however no one but 50 can be purchased at one time through the UI.
PantherSwap Clone Script is worked with different API’s those are available in Pantherswap

We built this clone similar to the patherswap token listing options

  • Binance Smart Chain Scan
  • DApp Rader
  • Coingecko
  • LiveCoinWatch
  • Vat

Launch your DeFi Exchange like Pantherswap from O G S S technologies

O G S S, being renowned DeFi Development Company, provides best-in-class DeFi exchange development services with the latest tech-stack, premium features, liquidity pools, smart contracts, Automated Market Maker, and much more. Our Pantherswap clone script helps the entrepreneur to launch their DeFi Exchange like Pantherswap.

Benefits of Building your DeFi Exchange from O G S S

  • Innovative Solution
  • Highly skilled DeFi Experts
  • 16+ year of Industry Expertise
  • API Integration
  • Wallet Integration
  • 24/7 Support System
  • Liquidity Pools
  • Smart contract Integration