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Staking MLM Smart Contract is a term often used to describe the locking up of cryptocurrency as collateral to help secure a particular blockchain network or smart contract protocol.

Staking MLM Software Development Company

We are an experienced cryptocurrency MLM software development company offering white label blockchain based MLM software development services.

Proof-of-stake (PoS) networks use computers to validate transactions. The winning validator is chosen through a combination of random selection and the amount a participant is staking. Once the winner validates the transaction, they receive a reward in the form of new coins. The staked coins act as collateral for validating the transactions.

Staking simply means earning tokens for holding tokens in exchange for helping to secure the blockchain. Effectively, staking is like earning interest on a fixed income investment vehicle, such as a corporate bond.

Cryptocurrency staking is a technical process that requires a relatively high level of crypto know-how. Additionally, you will have to continuously run your computer to increase your chances of earning a reward. As a result, several platforms are helping non-technical investors to stake.

For only a percentage of your staking rewards, staking-as-a-service providers make life easier for investors by taking care of the technical side of the staking process.

Staking MLM Software is a one-stop solution for staking, buying, and investing in cryptocurrency. The Estonia-based staking-as-a-service provider enables users from across the globe to stake over 50 different PoS-based digital assets via its web-based platform.

Staking MLM Software offers three different rewards programmes you can choose from Basic, Power Plus, and Power Max.

Using the Basic plan, you start staking for as little as $1 and gain access to 14 shared masternodes.
The Power Plus plan, which costs €3.99 p/m, enables you to receive all staking rewards without a percentage fee taken off.

Advantages and disadvantages of crypto staking.


Allows long term asset holders to make their crypto holdings work for them
Reduces computing power and environmental validity of blockchain platforms
Increases security of crypto projects and makes them more resilient to 51% attacks


Taking staked coins out of the staking pools can take up to a week at times
It can penalize validators by cutting staked tokens if a mistake is made
Stakes tokens are often ‘locked’, meaning they can’t be traded or used for anything else