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DeFi Token Development

DeFi Token Development Company - Cryptocurrency Development in UAE

DeFi Token Development is the process involving the design and development of a DeFi Token for the optimal use of beneficiaries seeking enhanced asset management through the Decentralization phenomenon.

DeFi protocols are on the ascent and each protocol is controlled by its local DeFi token. It has prompted huge DeFi token development exercises and course of similar tokens in the market. This is on the grounds that ordinary financial frameworks are going through sudden shifts in their industry because of the increase of new companies that connect fin-tech technologies with their progressive plan of action. Such a change demonstrates to offer various advantages and fills a more purpose to the basic masses.

So, DeFi tokens seem far better than cryptocurrencies and are being used increasingly. Let’s discuss more about the DeFi tokens, their advantages, types, and how to create your own DeFi Token.

Decentralized finance or the so called DeFi is vitalizing the technology sector now-a-days. DeFi had made all the businesses more effective and made the transactions more efficient and reliable. Almost all the sectors and the business verticals have realized their potential and are taking steps to adopt in their business to encourage customer engagement. With special application over the financial sector, DeFi is believed to transform the fintech sector altogether by their unique functionality and way of operation.

O G S S Technologies is a professional DeFi development company with a wide experience in offering services that includes defi tokens, token wallets, smart contract development, etc. Reach us to get instant, secure and state-of-the-art defi token development services for your business

Types of DeFi tokens

Equity Tokens

Those tokens which are connected with Stocks and equity of a company that issues it are called equity tokens.

Security Tokens

Clients buying security tokens are investing their cash in the ICO with a hope for profit. They go about as conventional securities.

Utility Tokens

These tokens furnish people with admittance to either a product or service.

Payment Tokens

Tokens used for making payments.


ERC20 is a list of regulations that an Ethereum token needs to actualize, enabling engineers to program how new tokens will work inside the Ethereum environment. The ERC-20 token standard became famous with crowdfunding organizations working at initial coin offering (ICO) cases because of the straightforwardness of sending, along with its potential for interoperability with other Ethereum token guidelines.’
ERC-20 tokens are convertible i.e., they can be traded.
They offer various types of utility advantages.
ERC-20 tokens can be effectively coordinated with smart contracts.
Encourages secure and simple transactions.
ERC-20 based DeFi tokens are known for their consistent and smooth working on decentralized finance applications (dApps).

DeFi Token Development Services

DeFi Token Development

Initiate your defi token for your fintech or crowdfunding. Align your defi token with all the protocols in place for effective buying, selling and transfer of tokens.

DeFi Wallet Development

Create your DeFi wallet and have a better control over the functionalities. Secured storage and management of tokens along with instant transfer protocols in place.

Dapp Development Services

Make your business app more diverse equipped with high-end security features. We provide customizable, business specific dapp development services.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

Make your business secular and digital by initiating your DeFi smart contract development. Our ERC-20 based smart contract is the most sought one in the crypto market.

DeFi Crowdfunding Platform Development

Make your crowdfunding efficient and reliable with our DeFi crowdfunding development services. We offer crowdsale services with our highly performing ICO, IEO or STO tokens.

DeFi Lending Platform Development

Improve your lending platform to be self-reliant with our DeFi lending platform. We help you with your DeFi lending platform instead of relying on a third party exchange platform.

Defi Applications Development

We offer decentralized finance based application development that helps your business app stand out from other apps with basic financial functionalities.

DeFi Exchange Development

Kickstart your cryptocurrency exchange business with our decentralized exchange platform and increase the user engagement and non-regulated crypto trades and exchanges.

DeFi ICO Token Development

Kickstart your ICO token development journey with our instant and secure DeFi-ICO development services. Our DeFi token developers help you to craft the best DeFi ICO.